The Firm was founded over 50 years ago under said corporate name, headed by the professional attorneys who, at that time, would manage international transport – and trade- related affairs.

With the rise of new generations of professionals who undertook its management, THE FIRM was born 15 years ago as ALS ADMIRALTY SERVICES S.A. and provided a broader range of services for Transport, Insurances and Foreign Trade-related stakeholders, among other areas of particular concern.

During the last years, the company incorporated the dealing of issues related to Labour Law matters as a way to help all personnel related to this activity.

Consequently, today THE FIRM addresses issues in the fields of Technical and Legal Advice of Insurance, national and international Transport, Customs, Contentious Administrative, Admiralty and Navigation, Aeronautic and Airport, Energy and Fuel, Transport, Labour and Social Security Law, as well as other traditional areas, with particular concern on Corporate Law, mergers and acquisitions.

Likewise, based on the vast technical knowledge of the professionals who comprise the company, THE FIRM provides calculation of damages and settlement of claims services in the areas concerned, with due certification from the Argentinian National Superintendence of Insurance (SSN) and other international associations of which the professionals in the office are members.

Lastly, with the advice of Technical Experts, who are permanent members of the professional staff, THE FIRM offers the service of VALUATION and INSPECTION of assets, specially of BOATS FOR SPORTS AND LEISURE and COMMERCIAL VESSELS (Fishing, Tanker, Sand boats, Passengers and General Load, etc.).