Who we are

Admiraltylaw Pandi emerged from Admiraltylaw (Lawyers and loss adjusters) with the objective of providing a new concept of pure P&I commercial correspondent services in Argentina. We are the first and only P&I correspondent with an exclusive network of offices strategically located in the Argentinean ports where the the highest number of P&I related incidents occur.

Our Rosario, San Lorenzo, Buenos Aires, Pto Madryn and Mar Del Plata based offices guarantee the quickest response in the market, always meeting the highest standards of the maritime industry.

Experience with

local authorities:

Along the last 50 years our firm has been present in the insurance market and therefore developed a close connection with the below governmental authorities, among others:

/ The Coastguard (PNA)

/ The Custom (DGA)

/ National insurance authority (SSN)

/ National reinsurance authority (INDER)

Our vast experience and extensive working knowledge of local ports put us in the best position to be at the service of P&I clubs and its members, in support to ship's cause.

Argentinean P&i cover

Recently and for the very first time in Argentina, the National Insurance Authority (SSN Superintendencia de Seguros de la Nacion) has appoved the terms for a local p&i cover under resolution SSN 119487 exp. 59059. Our firm has worked as a consultant specialist in maritime insurance and presently, acts as loss adjusters and lawyers appointed by the insurers and reinsurers that adhere this cover in Argentina.


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